Welcome to Miles to Adventures, I am Dr. Ajenkya Shinde founder of Miles to Adventures and a passionate traveller, adventurer and a surgeon in the making. Miles to Adventures is an adventure blog that I finally started after having travelled to more than 30 countries in my life before becoming 30 myself. I was finally convinced to write down my past thoughts, current adventures and future endeavours.

Meet Dr. Ajenkya Shinde

Hi, its Ajenkya, born and bought up in India, currently living in South-Germany.

I am a medical graduate having completed my medical studies in India and now doing my masters in Surgery and a practising emergency medicine specialist (Notarzt) in a small city in south of Germany called Aalen.

Yes, I am a Surgeon in the making and simultaneously a practising emergency medicine specialist and have kept up with my hobby of travelling and writing this beautiful blog due to the huge encouragement and support from my dearest wife and my dear mother and all the rest of my close family members who keep me grounded and remind me time and again of my passions, when I tend to deviate off track.

I am a proud father of a baby girl born in 2019.

So working full-time and travelling even more encourages me to write this blog and share my thoughts and experiences with the world, so that everyone can learn from my mistakes and adventures. A lot of efforts go into each and every blog that I publish. I do a lot of field and online research so that my readers get only the best to read. Sometimes eventhough one takes utmost care, errors could creep in. In this case I beg for your forgiveness and request you to contact me. I will be very thankful to you, my dearest reader.

I am the happiest in my life when I am travelling and I never leave a single opportunity to travel, especially on weekends, holidays and vacations.

In these difficult times of Corona pandemic, it has become even more important to reflect on our freedom of travel and that’s why I continue writing this blog even though we are currently not travelling a lot. I am pretty sure that these difficult times will pass and we will have the same opportunities to travel at free will. I am looking forward to the old times where one could travel without having second thoughts and without fear. I pray that these times will return really soon.

Last but not the least I would like to thank each and every reader of my blog, especially thank you for your valuable time that you gave for reading my blog.

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