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A picture is worth a thousand words is right said.

E01. Lake Bucher Stausee, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

It is an amazing lake with recreational facilities and a lot of amenities to relax. Also it has a huge History as it was on the northern border of Roman Empire with great archeological remains for the history lovers.

E02. Ruins of Castle Flochberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The Ruins of Castle Flochberg is located near the town of Bopfingen in the South German state of Baden-Würrtemberg. It it located at the top of a hill called Schlossberg and offers amazing views of the nearby town

E03. The Ipf Mountain near Bopfingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

E04. The Aalbäumle Watchtower near Aalen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

E05. The Castle Kapfenburg / Schloss Kapfenburg near Aalen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Watch this video to get a birdseyeview of this fairytale Castle

E06. The River Kocher Origin / Die Kocherursprung near Aalen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

E07. The Swabian Alb Mountain Range / Schwäbische Alb, South Germany

Beautiful Mountains in South Germany

E08. Baldern Castle or Schloss Baldern in Bopfingen South-Germany

E09. Fort Hohenrechberg / Burg Hohenrechberg / Ruine Hohenrechberg near Schwäbisch Gmund, Baden-Württemberg, South-Germany

E10. Viaduct of Härtsfeld-Railways / “Schättere-Viadukt” / Härtsfeldbahnviadukt / Best Viaduct of South Germany / 4K Full UHD

E 11. Castle Niederalfingen / Burg Niederalfingen / Marienburg / Hüttlingen, Baden-Württemberg, South – Germany in 4K UHD

E 12. Neresheim Monastry or Neresheim Minster / Kloster Neresheim oder Abtei Neresheim in Baden-Württemberg, South – Germany in 4K UHD

E 13. Lake Haertsfeld / Härtsfeldsee near Katzenstein in Heidenheim District of Baden-Württemberg, South – Germany in 4K UHD

E 14. Castle Ruins of Rosenstein / Burgruine Rosenstein in Heubach / Ostalb-District of Baden-Württemberg, South – Germany in 4K UHD

E 15. Volkmarsberg Tower / Volkmarsbergturm / Mountain Peaks in Swabian Alps near Oberkochen, Ostalb-District of Baden-Württemberg, South – Germany in HD

E 16. Schloss Neuschwanstein / Castle Neuschwanstein, a true modern marvel of Germany in 4K / UHD

E 17. Dinkelsbühl: A Christmas Village of 2020, a post pandemic Christmas Market. The New Normal !!!

E 18. Langlauf in Waldhausen. Cross-Country-Skiing in South-Germany.

E 19. Winter in South Germany (Part – 1) 2020 / Swabian Alps – Ski-Region / Aalen / Ostalbkreis.

E 20. Winter in South Germany (Part – 2) 2021 / Hagbergturm / Gschwend / Ostalbkreis / Baden-Württemberg

E 21. Altenbergturm / Altenberg Tower / Schwäbisch Hall / Baden-Württemberg / South-Germany in 4K UHD

E 22. Altmühlsee / Lake Altmühlsee / Gunzenhausen / Bavarian Lakes in South Germany / 4K UHD

E 23. St. Mary’s Church (Part-2) / St. Marie Kirche / Hohenrechburg Mountain / South Germany

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E01. Canada Tour Part I / View from Plane Window Zurich to Vancouver over Greenland

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